Billie Piper promises not to take husband to cleaners


06 July 2006

At last! A woman who won’t bleed her ex dry

The news that Billie Piper doesn’t want a penny of Chris Evans’s £30million fortune – or his £540,000 salary from Radio Two – when their divorce is finalised in September should raise a massive cheer from every man unfortunate enough to have suffered a divorce in the past few years, as I have.

It is the first, tiny sign that, at last, some women are beginning to realise that the divorce laws are now so weighted against husbands when it comes to money that they are threatening the very institution of marriage.

Reasonably good article, but it does put a bit too much trust into this woman’s claim that she won’t want any money from her husband. Still, if she sticks to her promise, then fair play to her.

However, this is still a ridiculous state of affairs, whereby a woman has to actually be saluted and congratulated for not taking her husband to the cleaners. In any sane society women shouldn’t have the ability to anyway!

Hardly surprising, then, that male divorce lawyers I know are advising single men with any money at all: “Don’t get married. Or, if you do, get a prenuptial agreement and keep your fingers tightly crossed.”

Prenuptials aren’t worth the paper they’re written on!

They are routinely invalidated just because a womans blubs that her husband wouldn’t marry her unless she signed one (well duh! That’s the whole reason for them; sign or no marriage darling!) That’s in the US, where prenuptials were invented; they’re hardly like to stand up over here where they are a recent arrival.

I found myself arguing over what seemed like financial irrelevancies (who’d paid for what and when) with the mother of my children, whom I cared about deeply. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone.

I don’t understand this bit. You don’t, can’t and shouldn’t care about a woman trying to wring you dry in the divorce courts. Who gives a shit if you used to love her and she used to love you; if the bitch is out to pinch everything you own, turn on her with a vengeance! She won’t give any mercy or care about you, so why should you? Chivalry has little place in today’s matriarchy, least of all in a divorce court.

There are too many wives, and their divorce lawyers, who appear to see the gravy train and want to get on without a moment’s delay. Perhaps it’s got something to do with female revenge: getting their own back on generations of exploitative men.

This guy is dangerously veering towards manginaness; almost hinting that women may have an excuse, or at least an understandable motivation, for taking men to the cleaners because of supposed exploitation. Bollocks. Women may have had to do housework and raise children in the past, sure, but men had to provide and protect for them. Fair deal all round. Us guys could, theoretically, claim we need to get revenge on women for generations of them exploiting us by making us work to provide for them!

His claim that things are beginning to change, that women are seeing the error of making divorce so lucrative for them, is a bit silly too. This is just one woman claiming she won’t bleed her husband dry; the fact is, most do, and furthermore, they can. It’s up to the woman to decide how much she will try to take you for. Plus Billie Piper is an actress and former pop-star, so probably had a reasonable bit of cash before the marriage anyway, and has earned some in the meantime. Most women, however, have little assets (and often lots of debts) when they come into a marriage and often earn little once they cut down or quit work; they won’t have cash put aside so will have little motivation to refrain from bleeding you dry.

Still, it’s good that confirmation that us men see what a risk marriage is and are refusing to get hitched is reaching in to the mainstream press. Far too many women are still convinced the plummeting marriage is due to us being “afraid of commitment” or whatever rubbish reason is trotted forth on daytime TV.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:32 PM

At 7:02 PM, Pumpkinhead said…

Meanwhile, Heather Mills-McCartney could get £200 million but will settle for £10 million instead.


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous said…

Jeez, when are you going to stop having sympathy for these guys?

They sign a contract saying someone else can have their stuff, only to start bitching when that person walks off with their stuff. That is so not a tragedy, they’ve only themselves to blame.


At 8:19 PM, Anonymous said…

Don’t let a girl move in with you, don’t get married, don’t have kids. Live your life for yourself not as a beast-of-burden for somebody else. Life as a married man is crap compared to the freedom (personal, financial, and sexual) of being a single guy.


At 8:41 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

I always love the implied view that a woman who is getting divorced should somehow get compensated for the break-up of her marriage even when it’s her fault. Why is this and why are men not equally compensated? Why should a woman receive any of her husband’s fortune, after all men never get any of their wives money do they?


At 12:53 AM, HAWKEYE said…

i am currently married with 4 kids ,if my wife decided to leave i would get f**k all,however what she doesn’t know is that i have been making secret plans in case .i have produced some good quality affidavits ,and i will let her have both barrels if she ever tries to take me to the cleaners ,this includes using the old feminist trick of lying about abuse ,except i will do it first. but what really makes me laugh is that most woman cant see that they have created a monster and when the monster is crushed, there fate is sealed in the long run .back to the kitchen girls,,you have been very naughty and daddy is very very cross.


At 1:18 AM, Anonymous said…

Ummmm … she’s a woman, who can and will change her mind, at ANY time, for ANY reason … or no reason at all …


At 1:27 AM, fidelity said…

The problem with these prenuptials is they provide too much substance. You need to work on procedural prenuptials. has some of the answers.


At 6:54 AM, daibatzu said…

Well since Billie Piper is a celebrity, hopefully she will set a good example to British women to follow (they worship celebrities don’t they). I really feel sorry for the western world as a whole. Many are stupidly predicting that the 21st century will be the century of women, but they are joking. It is actually going to be the asian century and many men from the west are moving to asia. Even billionaire investor Jim Rogers is learning Mandarin. Another sidenote is that in China, there will soon be 150 men to every 100 women. Century of women indeed.


At 8:05 AM, broken_rhyme said…

Yea…. I guess us guys can really be gullible sometimes.


At 10:50 PM, Phemisaurus Terribilis said…

OMG. It just gets better and better. Refusing to marry? Thank heavens!

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