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29 July 2006

A couple of American readers e-mailed me asking what a “slag” was, referring to an earlier post. On an anti-feminist forum there was some confusion from an American chap over the phrase “dob in”. I sometimes forget that more American shows are exported to Britain than vice-versa, so although us Brits all know what Americans are on about, at least most of the time, some Americans can be left in the dark wondering what us Brits are on about.

The anti-feminist movement is managing to encourage a transatlantic brotherhood as we find we’re all in the same sinking Matriarchal boat. I see that most Anti-Feminist/MRA forums and blogs are populated by people on both sides of the Atlantic, not to mention from many other countries too, with Australia particularly well-represented as well. It would be best if we all know what each other are gabbing on about, so here’s a selection of British slang-words and the appropriate definition for you foreign types:

Gabbing: talking and chattering.

Slag: a slut, a whore, a woman who will have to be buried in a Y-shaped coffin.

Slapper: a slag

Skallie: a rogue and criminal, a young man or woman who is not making his or her parents proud. Derived from skallywag. Usually only used for petty criminals who commit minor crimes like stealing cars and burning down schools, not serious criminals who pin people’s heads to the floor with big knives. For example, you wouldn’t call The Krays skallies. Skallie is commonly used in Northern England. Southerners prefer Chav.

Fag: a cigarette. Thanks to American shows invading the airwaves, most Brits are aware that fag also means a homosexual, but fag is still often used for cigarettes. So if a British guy says “I’m just going out to have a fag, I’m absolutely gasping for one“, don’t automatically assume he’s a rear-gunner.


A skallie slapper smoking a fag

Arse: a bottom, the derrierer, an ass.

Bum: an arse, a bottom, the derriererer, an ass

Tramp: bum, vagrant

Slag Stamp: another word for a Tramp Stamp

Dob in: to inform on someone. To snitch or rat someone out.

Pants: underwear.

Trousers: pants

Wanker: rather amusingly, this insult is apparantly not very offensive in the US, roughly on a par with “jerk”, but in fact is highly offensive in the UK, on a par with “cocksucker.” So if you ever get to meet Prince Charles, don’t jovially call him a “wanker” as a bit of friendly banter because he’ll consider it to be exceptionally rude and he will get his mum will send you to the Tower Of London.

Bobbys/Coppers/The Fuzz/The Filth: the police, cops, pigs. Can be called Peelers in Northern Ireland (Bobby and Peeler both coming from Sir. Robert Peel, who founded the modern filth, I mean, police force.)


“I’m the first thing that comes up when you put ‘Bobby’ into Google’s Image Search, I’m here, get used to it!”

Lamp: to punch someone. E.g. “If that bunch of lezzers from the Take Back The Night Brigade don’t stop chanting ‘No means no!’ outside this dorm, I’m gonna go down and fuckin’ lamp one of them!

Twat: a woman’s privates. Can also mean lamp (see above.) E.g. “Right, that’s it, those Take Back The Night nutters are still shrieking away, I’m gonna go down and twat everyone last one of ’em!


Mohammed Ali, professional lamper, celebrates having just twatted Sonny Liston to the floor

Pissed: drunk, as opposed to angry. If we’re angry, we’re “pissed off.”

TWOC: to steal. From the legal phrase Take Without Owner’s Consent. Can be used as a verb. For example, to quote a skallie I encountered in a pub earlier this year: “Wanna buy one of these shirts mate? I twocked ’em from a warehouse. Good quality, designer. Only a fiver each.

I hope I have been etymologically informative.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:51 PM

At 12:38 AM, Kelly McIntyre said…

When you lot say biscuit, you mean cookie. And when you say garden, you mean yard.

It cracks me up. We supposedly speak the same language, but it’s sometimes hard to understand one another.


At 1:22 AM, Anonymous said…

“Limey-Yank, Yank-Limey Dictionary.”


In America “Limey” is considered a derogatory term for a Britisher.

“Yank” is a derogatory term in the South for somebody from the North (ala The War Of Northern Aggression, a.k.a “Civil War”)

Both have a similar bad connotation like “wanker” does in England.

That’s what I love about the “English” language. It’s so damn adaptable and fun.


At 9:20 AM, HAWKEYE said…

lollys=private parts


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous said…

RE “fag” for cigarette. In Australia, if you ask someone for a cigarette, you say “Can I bum a fag?”.


At 11:55 AM, nevo said…

A WOMAN was fined £75 at St Albans Magistrates’ Court on Monday after breaching her anti-social behaviour order (Asbo) for the fourth time.

Michelle Taylor, 35, of Shopfield Close, had been spotted drunk in the alcohol exclusion zone in St Albans city centre which she is banned from entering under the terms of her Asbo on Sunday.

When police confronted her she swore at them repeatedly, constituting another breach of her Asbo by causing alarm to members of the public.

Defence counsel Tim Scarisbrick said Taylor, an alcoholic, had got drunk and gone into the zone after hearing access to her 12-year-old daughter was going to be cut to one hour every two months.

Taylor was also ordered to pay £70 court costs.

I wonder what, a tough feminist would make of her.
Would she scream “FOUL JUSTICE” because she’s prevented from seeing her own daughter?



At 1:35 PM, NYMOM said…

What is the male equivalent to a slag called?????


At 1:45 PM, NYMOM said…

In the US many drunks and drug addicted fathers are given custody…actually being a drunk or drug addict is NOW considered a disability and they are also entitled to get a check…

More men then women are on SSI (which is where these checks come from) and many have custody of children claiming they are stay-at-home dads (really drunken layabouts who no one would be stupid enough to hire for work). Thus they can leech more money/benefits from the system in the form of child support from the kids’ mothers, food stamps, section 8 rent subsidiaries, free medical care, etc.,

Of course, it’s all for the children they claim, so it must be a good thing.


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous said…

If you search Google using the search term “slang” you will find a link to an online dictionary of English slang. I have found this link quite useful over the years.


At 8:27 AM, Pumpkinhead said…

I’d like to add an example. If a British man says he’s going to “smoke a fag”, it doesn’t mean he’s going to shoot a gay person.


At 2:38 PM, HAWKEYE said…

mere words cant express how dumb your argument is,if what you say were true ,i for 1 would be jumping for joy,but i am not, so it cant be fact the truth is exactly oposite to what you have said.

every dog has its day.

and the mens movement will be having theres shortly .we will right the wrongs made by people with limited vision and twisted minds,such as yourself.


At 7:27 PM, NYMOM said…

Well Hawkeye I think I follow these things a little bit more closely then you do, so yes it is true.

At least in the US. Custody of children is worth money these days, even citizenship benefits in certain cases.

Some things are not as simple as they appear.


At 12:19 PM, HAWKEYE said…

however you do appear to be very :”SIMPLE”
woof woof yoooooooooooowwwwweeeeeeee


At 9:43 PM, Patrick P. said…

I can fully understand why most women would avoid guys like you. Watch out: Keep up this behavior and you’ll be left with nothing but men as sexual partners.


At 10:32 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

patrick p.

Didn’t your mum ever tell you it’s rude to pretend to be a boy when dishing out shaming language?


At 7:26 AM, Fidelbogen said…

Skallywag, in England, means….petty criminal?

In the USA, a SCALAWAG was a white southerner
who cooperated with Yankee policy during the
Reconstruction era following the Civil War.

‘Skallywag’ and ‘scalawag’ are very likely the same
word descended from a common source in
the British Isles. The following Wikipedia article
suggestsa Shetland Islands origin for ‘scalawag’:


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