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17 January 2006

Women GPs hit first by cuts in NHS

The Government has ditched ground-breaking schemes designed to get more women to return to work in the NHS after childbirth as it struggles to control spiralling spending.

You see, as mentioned just a couple of posts ago, it takes a lot of money to subsidise women’s “independence” in the workplace.

Due to large-scale positive discrimination (i.e. only positive for women) more than half of newly qualified General Practitioners are women, but it seems rather a lot quit for long career breaks or to go part-time. Before feminists could get a good rant going about how these women are thrust back into the domestic sphere by evil wicked husbands, a survey of newly qualified female GPs showed that even then, fresh from graduation, three-quarters were already planning on only working part-time, having a long career break or being fully retired by their mid-thirties in order to raise a family.


Big crisis. Not many docs in the house. Around 10,000 less than are required. Shiiiit! Maybe pushing women into the workplace wasn’t so neat after all, what with the majority of them voluntarily leaving it when they marry and have kids.

So the government happily dipped into the public purse again and offered “golden hello’s” to female GPs returning to work after a career break. Essentially giving them lots of taxpayers money for deigning to come back to do the job that, at great cost to taxpayers, they trained to do. Obviously, no taxpayers money for the male GPs who, in the meantime, have been working full-time uninterruptedly since qualifying and will do so until retirement. Then there was a nice flexible career scheme for those female GPs who want to work part-time, who only want to cure those pesky sick people until it’s 3 o’clock and time for the school-run. That cost a lot of money too.

All this has significantly contributed to the £620 million shortfall the NHS is going to have this year. So fembot Patricia Hewitt – who recently admitted (but did not apologise) to sex-discrimination against a man – has had to scrap a lot of these schemes to bribe women to come back into the workplace and actually do what their male counterparts have always done without requiring such bonuses.

Perhaps this is tiny little glimpse of the future, of feminist schemes to pay women equal pay for doing less work and to subsidise them on their lengthy career breaks being scrapped when the reality of a rapidly deplenished public purse sinks in.

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