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15 August 2006

A great find by Kitten News!

Australian safety survey kills feminist distortions

The survey reveals a picture of what any rational person should have assumed about life simply by observation of the world around them and their day to day existence in it. The survey reveals what most people should have known or should have suspected about the facts of social violence – it is men rather than women who have the most to fear regarding their personal safety. It further reveals that the perpetrators of violence, in all their ugly forms and diversity, are not just men, and that the domain of perpetrators includes a significant percentage of women.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:24 PM

At 2:47 AM, Mouse said…

Heh, Don’t you think you could be anti-feminist without being anti-female? I’m Anti-feminism, but I’m female…

However, I think your definition of Feminism strays from the track of what it really is. Feminists rarely even want to get married.

“Feminist activists commonly campaign on issues such as reproductive rights (including the right to safe, legal abortion, access to contraception, and the availability of quality prenatal care), violence within a domestic partnership, maternity leave, equal pay, sexual harassment, street harassment, discrimination, and rape.”

Is that all bad? Even you have to admit there are tons of men who are sleezebags. It’s even worse when you work for one of them and they deny you pay (has happened to me multiple times and i’m a professional, needless to say I quit immediately), Make sexual comments (happened to me when i was 16 by a 52 year old, yuck.) and all other areas that affects a persons personal choices. The same goes for men, they don’t need someone telling them they need to take care of their bodies more, or gain some initiative in their lives.. it’s your personal choice.. yours and no one elses. Thats all most women want. OTHER people (not even men) to stop telling us what to do and what is good for us. We KNOW.

On another note, being unhappy with your lives and your track record with women is what lead to this “anti-feminist” movement. You’d better pray thats the psychological reasoning behind it, otherwise it’s obvious you are gay. If you’ve met a woman who soaked you dry or ravaged your emotions, thats a problem between you and that woman. Truth be told, I believe most women are liars and sluts.. however, There are tons of women who aren’t and who really just want to get married so that they can share their lives with someone. My fiance is one of those 30 percent of men who is excellent at communication. He has not expressed any desire to stay single, in fact he is the one pressing for marriage. Once you find that one person you cant help but get married, you want to keep them for yourself. I only hope that you “men” can grow up and learn how to rationalize things, instead of harboring hate over something you cannot understand. kthxn00bs.


At 3:41 AM, Anonymous said…

Women who experienced violence: 5.8%

Men who experienced violence: 10.8%

The numbers speak for themselves.


At 4:43 AM, Lord Feverstone said…

It never ceases to amaze me how pervasive the myths surrounding violence are. Good find.


At 8:02 AM, HAWKEYE said…

the survey uses double the amount of woman to men to prop up the results for females.
this is not an accurate should be equell men and woman.but this would no doubt affect sombodys funding if the survey brought back the wrong results,IE “woman are not the victims” shock horror,
as it is i bet the feminazi will have a field day with this one,probly throw somone in jail and cut funding for any surveys that do not portray woman as the victim,
it is great to see some small consesions being made for the truth however,

“a fact does not stop being a fact just because it is ignored”


At 2:59 PM, nevo said…

Times are really moving on!
Last night I watched a program on TV titled Date my Daugther.
One lucky chap got to choose among five young women. Their mothers were present all of the time and to give the final OK.
The aim of the game is to marry them to each other.
One man to five women? is that today’s ratio?
It looks pretty desperate!!



At 3:02 PM, Anonymous said…



At 3:34 PM, nevo said…

Look what I found on the blogger.

There are thousands of these women. The problem is not just that these American daughters are so desperate for a man’s attention that they are willing to jeopardize our nation’s security for it. It’s that federal authorities aren’t doing much to prosecute Islamic sham marriages. The Washington Times reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has decided not to investigate most of them. Stopping marriage fraud is not on ICE’s agenda.

That’s why a man like Faris Alami walks free and has U.S. Senator Carl Levin pressuring the government to grant him citizenship. Alami presents himself as a loving American immigrant doting on his young baby and wife. His THIRD wife. His second wife says the Muslim Palestinian engaged in Social Security fraud and demanded she stay married to him in order to get his green card.

Most disturbing is that Americans aren’t very bothered by the IslamoCyberStalking that leads to sham marriages and heightens the illegal alien invasion of our country.

If you want to read the whole item, it is here

I could not believe it when I read it.
What a crooked world we live in!!!



At 5:42 PM, voloohaar said…

Mouse, OK, your boyfriend wants to marry you, and that makes all of us here irrational, and most of all – ghey™. OK, got it.


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous said…

I believe in polygamy. I bet that would fix the problems. Think about it, if you have 3 wives and one wants to divorce you, well, the other 2 are still “entitled” to the same quality of life right? So the divorced one probably won’t get much. That, and they’d all be competing against each other for you, so none of them can ever really get full control. When one gets too manipulative, the others will naturally start trying to undermine her “power”. I think theres a reason why we had polygamy for thousands of years. We need to really consider it. Have you ever seen an unhappy mormon that had trouble with women?


At 10:47 PM, Anonymous said…

Thats all most women want. OTHER people (not even men) to stop telling us what to do and what is good for us. We KNOW.

Hi Mouse! I’m on Earth. What planet are you on? Western women are the biggest consumers of ADVICE material on the planet (e.g., Dr Phil, Oprah, ‘self-help’ magazines, etc…). There is a whole multi-billion dollar industry that does nothing but cater to women’s insatiable need for advice on how to think and how to behave on the smallest and most trivial matters. These “self-help shows” and “self-help periodicals” (cough, cough — excuse me while I try to swallow that oxymoron) are expensive to produce. If there was no demand there would be no Advice Industry. Simple as that. So much for women not wanting other people to tell them what to do.

I’m curious. Since 1970 western women have gotten pretty much everything they have demanded (like spoiled children). What’s left? What more do you want? Men are rejecting you for the spoiled, evil brats you have become. It is MEN who want to be left alone by you and your whore government, media, legal machine that collects payment from us (often at gun point) to give to you — you strong empowered, independent women. Why are you here? Your confused, programmed fiance aside, what do you want from us here? We are here to get away from YOU. And then you come here complaining you want us to leave you alone. Do you know how retarded you sound? We Want Nothing To Do With You. Is that clear enough. Now go away and start sucking the life out of your new living Ken Doll.


At 11:40 PM, lauras said…

To mouse…

That’s all most women want. OTHER people (not even men) to stop telling us what to do and what is good for us. We KNOW.

I’m a 36 yo female and don’t agree with that statement.
I think most women don’t know what is good for them. That’s why they seek approval and advise from everyone. They worry incessantly about superficial things (clothes, shoes, hair). They make HUGE mistakes with men, especially when people do give them good advice. They always think the grass is greener and are rarely happy with what they have. They make rash decisions, not thinking of the future, then have regrets. I hear women talk all the time about not knowing what they want, or what to do (especially when it comes to their future).

My friend thought that leaving her husband of 9 years for a guy she met on-line was “the best thing” for her to do. Everyone tried telling her not to but she didn’t want to hear it. “I know what’s best for me” is exactly what she told me. She was WAY wrong and is now beginning her husband to take her back. He won’t.

Your statement that “anti-feminist” men are gay… Couldn’t be further from the truth. Most gay men I know totally support feminists! They feel they have some sort of camaraderie. My experience has been that straight men who may support feminist do so simply to be PC, (or they’re involved with a “broken” women who has him feeling sorry for her). Then they turn around and think they’re crazy, and totally illogical.

Most feminist don’t want to equality they want special treatment. Most men see that, and don’t want to be involved with those women. There’s nothing wrong with that.


At 10:54 PM, Dante said…

At my university, some of the feminists are aware of this data (more violence towards men) already.

They rationalize “we should study femicide” to understand why females are less likely to be victims of violence, to prevent it in men.

I still have the notes, but I need to do more digging to find the whole thing. The she (prof) said :

– men are more likely to suffer violence at the hands of another man than from a woman

– men are less likely to suffer violence when in a marriage

– violence depreciates as men ages

Something along those lines.

Like I said, I don’t have the full notes on me right now. I will post it up if you want.


At 10:30 AM, Christianj said…

Getting back to the topic at hand.

The ABS does research on the Australian Population, this particular report was originally instigated by the sexist “Office for Women” and stipulated that they only wanted a report on the “woman victim” to further their thievery of public money for more specialised funding for the Privilege Princesses in Aus.

The ABS actually funded the “male” part of the research themselves so they would noy be seen as biased.

But, the Office of sexist Women lost the plot, they lost credibility and were exposed as liars and cheats that they really are.
Feminists have always lied, cheated and misconstrued any and all statistics to suit them and their doctrine.

But they lost big and we are going to party over it and never, NEVER miss any opportunity to remind them what liars they really are.

Never tell me your a feminist, because the gloves come off.


At 2:02 AM, Happy Bullet said…


This is a survey about domestic violence so I will stick to “violence within a domestic partnership” as you mentioned.

I campaign on this issue. Feminists campaign on this issue in a one-sided manner, “Violence Against *WOMEN* – Australia Says No”. When clearly men are victims too.

I campaign on this issue in a gender neutral fashion. I *REALLY* say stop “violence within a domestic partnership”. Not just against one party.

Consider this: If there were a campaign “Stop Domestic Violence Against Men” and *NO* “Stop Domestic Violence Against Women” campaign. What would YOU think of THAT?

You over-consider the civil rights of one side and you violate the civil rights of the other (in this case almost, or actually, equally affected) side.

Congratulations you’ve just realised the true motivation for the anti-feminist movement.


At 4:48 AM, Mouse said…

Now Lauras,

Just because your one friend was a stupid “whore” (and I know how that is because I live with someone doing the same thing), doesn’t mean that every female is. These men are bashing Women as a whole, not just feminists. Any kind of independent thought would send these men into a defensive huddle, i’d bet.

To anonymous-
I can honestly state-

The only time I ask for advice is regarding my job, since it involves the safety of other individuals who are not capable of caring for themselves.

The legal machines that take money from you and give them to women are rightful in doing so, otherwise the rest of us would be paying more taxes for welfare because you couldn’t keep your little winkie in its holster. I think if a man has custody of the children, then the women should pay child support as well, and you know what? They usually do without being asked. Of course there are always exeptions.

I have never once called myself a “Strong, independant, blah blah blah, woman” I’m a human. With every thought and desire that you have. Well, except the bigotry aspect.

The media and completely useless train of trash and idiocy is something that I, as a female, hate with every inch of my being.

Women who are “Spoiled brats” get more attention from the chauvanistic male population than the group of women who are just concerned with being a good person, improving the lives of others, and accomplishing goals to make their existance have some sort of positive effect on humanity (I.E “Me”) does. So it is in fact men who are perpetuating this horrible trend of prostitots and gold diggers. (ever hear of the term, “Daddies little princess”?)

If a man actually loving a woman just for who they are and why they are on this earth means they are “programmed”, allow me to be the first person to congratulate my boyfriend for being a decent human being. Also, everything he does is of his own will, I have never asked him for anything.. not one thing.

If independence means that I can continue plugging away in my life of.. pretty much servitude to my fellow man, and the persuit of education, then so be it. Call me what you want, but in the end.. it’s you that is doing the least good, not I.


At 5:20 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

The legal machines that take money from you and give them to women are rightful in doing so, otherwise the rest of us would be paying more taxes for welfare because you couldn’t keep your little winkie in its holster.

Ah, more shaming language. “Little winkie.” Very amusing. Not exactly original is it? So what you’re saying is that us men should have money taken from us so you women don’t have to pay for the welfare benefits for women? Typical entitlement complex.

Furthermore, why is it women always insist men should keep it in their pants or such variations on that theme. Why can’t slag single mothers be told to keep their thighs together? Oh wait! That would be oppressing their sexuality! Nevermind that women have total control of reproduction with their abortions-on-demand.

I’ve a better idea. No Child Support. No benefits for single mothers. No free housing for sluts and their illegitimate brats. That way, us men don’t have money stolen from us to pay for women’s children (for children are considered as belonging to women, until it comes to getting some money to support them) and no higher taxes for working women. Everyone’s happy! Except for slag single mums of course, but they don’t matter, they’re of no use or worth to society.

I think if a man has custody of the children, then the women should pay child support as well, and you know what? They usually do without being asked. Of course there are always exeptions.

On the rare occasions men have custody and women have to pay Child Support, women don’t pay up even when told to do so by law three times as often as men, let alone pay voluntarily.

On top of all that, Child Support is really Mummy Support anyway, a way of getting money from hard-working men to lazy women without women having to be obliged to do anything in return.


At 1:28 PM, Mouse said…

You do realize that welfare is in place to provide assistance to EVERYONE. Men can apply and get welfare as well as women. Welfare is a good Idea, but yes, its abused by “slag” women. I’m just going to say whores if you don’t mind.
I totally agree with you, however, it takes two to tango. These women should keep their legs closed, especially since they are a drain on my energy. However, in this country, the most “whorish” gender and race is the male african american. There are more illegitimate African american children hanging about than we know what to do with. The problem with this is, black men are the worst at taking care of their children in this country (I guess it would be hard, since they feel the need to father two or three of them before they realize their partners can’t afford them.) The projects are so run wild it’s not even safe to drive near them.Too many kids, too much danger.
How about we end the child support debate and agree that both parties are being whores and the people who aren’t being whores (you and I) are paying for it.


At 1:56 PM, Masculist Man said…

Never tell me your a feminist, because the gloves come off.

I take the gloves off when dealing with these entitled bitches whether they call themselves “feminists” or not.


At 2:01 PM, Masculist Man said…

Except for slag single mums of course, but they don’t matter, they’re of no use or worth to society.

Neither is mouse.


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