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Septic Septuagenarian Skank Spouts Off
September 19, 2007


22 March 2007


Still a burning issue

Marilyn French, the author of The Women’s Room, tells why she is still full of fury that the world remains a place messed up by men.

Short answer; she’s angry because she’s a Western Women, who are nearly always pissed off and moaning about fucking something, and she believes it is all men’s fault because she’s a Western Woman and a feminist to boot, and thus unable to accept any blame for her own misery.

The long answer…well, let’s read the article and sneer at the fucking bitch.

The girl at the Bobbi Brown make-up counter at Barneys wants to know what I’m doing in New York. I tell her that I’m interviewing Marilyn French, who wrote a book in the Seventies called The Women’s Room, bought by 20 million people and read by many more: dog-eared copies passed around neighbourhoods, hidden from husbands, read in secret at kitchen tables when the kids had gone to school. Hailed as the first feminist novel, it was devoured by desperate housewives around the world for its dramatisation of their feelings of rage and frustration, its offer of freedom through sisterhood and radical politics.

And now women have that wonderful freedom to be old and single and angry, not to mention slaving away at soul-crushing jobs. Brave girls.

“Wow!” breathes the girl, a blonde American beauty with flawless skin. “Yeah, wow!” says her colleague, who has a mane of dark hair and scarlet lips, “that’s so cool.” The blonde girl had done a semester of women’s studies at college and was getting married soon: she wanted to keep her career but also to have babies and make a nice home.

Typical dumb greedy bitch; she wants it all – to be a career woman, a housewife and a mother – but can’t comprehend the idea that she can’t. No-one can.


Get back to Uni you dumb men!
September 11, 2007


31 January 2007


Job prospects fear as boys shun university


Of course boys are shunning University; these places are feminist and PC-thug infested shit-holes these days.

I think this is a good thing anyway. Let women storm triumphantly into Universities, get themselves loaded with major debts to get pissy worthless degrees in Media Studies and Women’s Studies. Guys will either pick up a trade and/or experience in the workplace early or, better yet, do an easy job and only take care of themselves financially. Let women work themselves into an early grave at their graduate jobs.

Not that there are many graduate jobs around anyway. Most graduates end up working in call-centres or such shit. I went to Uni, but dropped out, and consequently I’m one of the few people in my department at work who doesn’t have a degree. Does it make any difference? Of course not. I’m at the same level as several women who have degrees in things like History or English, which have no influence on their job skills at all. In fact, apart from the hard sciences and engineering, most degrees are increasingly worthless because so many people have them.


Mechnical skills
September 4, 2007


03 January 2007


What to do: Get a group of friends or family together and ask everyone to draw a bicycle in a couple of minutes. Do NOT tell them why! When they’re finished, compare everyone’s drawings.

On average, the men’s bikes should be mechanically accurate and workable, but women tend to draw bikes that don’t work – for example, the pedals might be in the wrong place, or the bike chain might be connected wrongly. Don’t let anyone who has already read this article do the test as they will already know what you are looking for and that will mess up the results.

The science bit: Rebecca Lawson, a psychologist from the University of Liverpool, has tested both people who had little experience with bicycles and those who had extensive experience of riding and fixing bikes – the “experts”. She found that within both the expert and the amateur groups men drew better working bikes than women. But there is as yet no clear explanation for these results.

It doesn’t seem to be due to men generally having more experience with bikes because expert female cyclists didn’t draw better bikes than men with less experience. However, the bicycle-drawing test is used by psychologists as a test of mechanical reasoning, so this result suggests that on average men might be better at mechanical reasoning than women.

This would fit with the theory of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University that the male brain is hard-wired for understanding and building systems, while the female brain is better at empathising and understanding people. Prof Baron-Cohen’s theory also suggests that autism is an extreme version of the male brain – interested only in systems and unable to understand people.

From this article (page 2)

I’m sure fembots would have a great time coming with explanations for this experiment’s results, no doubt involving claims of oppression, the Patriarchy and obvious victimhood for womyn.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Prof Baron-Cohen ends up like Larry Summers, hounded out of his job by screeching feminists, although I see he’s insisted women are great at “empathy” (Hah! Yeah, right!) no doubt just to keep the fembots from fuming too much.

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Not afraid to shoot strangers
September 3, 2007


28 December 2006

Fear of Strangers: The rise in random killings indicates a disturbing increase in violence

There has always been a peculiar sort of comfort in the knowledge that, in the context of a relatively low murder rate, we [in the UK] are all more likely to be killed by a lover or spouse than by a stranger. To die at the hands of a stranger seems, somehow, even more horrifying. So today’s discovery by The Times, that random killings have increased by a third in just eight years to the point where they now equal the number of murders carried out as crimes of passion, is alarming.


The figures must be kept in perspective. Stranger murders, which rose from 99 in 1997 to 130 last year, still account for less than 10 per cent of the annual total. But the increase certainly puts reassurances about crime levels in a different light.

The increases have been largest in London, and Devon & Cornwall. It is not clear what these two regions have in common, except large numbers of disaffected young men who seem to be the most common perpetrators and also the most frequent victims.


The similarities between the approach taken by Greater Manchester Police and those in New York City are striking. In both places, police have made enormous headway by taking a zero-tolerance approach to criminal gangs and petty crime, and by backing grassroots efforts to lure young men away from both.

Interesting that they actually deign to note that men are more likely to be the victims of this rise in seemingly random homicide. But also note that they point out that it is likely to be “disaffected young men” carrying out such crimes. Indeed, although women are quite capable – and, these days, more than willing – to be violent, it cannot be denied that men are more likely to be behind these random acts of melees, mayhem, murder and mischief. Women are certainly increasingly violent too, often hanging out in gangs and getting up to yobbishness. However, it seems a majority are men and boys, and more importantly “disaffected young men.”

These men are disaffected how? And why?


From the comments
August 2, 2007


10 November 2006

This rant landed in the comments section of a recent post of mine, from someone called “Willie“:

You probably won’t post this. Who really cares. But this site is ridiculous. Any man knows that men still enjoy privledge. It seems you are just upset cuz you can’t go out and club a woman over her head, drag her back to your apartment and then rape her just for a quick thrill and to spread your pathetic seed. Get over yourself.

Rather than indulge in mud-slinging and insults, I think it’s worth politely pointing out and expanding my viewpoint to this chap, for what it’s worth.

For starters, if he thinks the idea of thuggish men beating women, dragging them off to rape them and impregnating them is bad, then alarmingly we actually have something in common. I have no such desire to do such a thing or to leave women open to such treatment either.

However, ironically, it is a post-feminist society that removes the restraints on women that makes this scenario more likely.

Before feminism, women were looked down upon for getting knocked up by thugs and losers, and not having the right to an abortion meant they had to be careful and only hook up with nice-guys. Divorce was frowned upon too, so women better make sure they’re hooked up with a decent chap, not some “exciting” but obnoxious criminal. Plus girls grew up with a father-figure to represent the strong-but-considerate male figure they should seek when selecting a mate. A father would also protect his daughter.


Article by Carey Roberts
July 12, 2007


09 August 2006

Blame it on the patriarchy

One of the tenets of the cult of feminism is that women, being the appointed guardians of gentleness and light, are capable only of doing good. (For now we will ignore inconvenient facts like the women who abort 1.3 million unborn children each year, unwed mothers who finger some unsuspecting dude to get a bigger child support check, and exotic dancers who fabricate claims of being raped by a bunch of lacrosse players.)

So when bad things happen, women have a convenient scapegoat: male-dominated society.

* When a demonic mother drowns her five kids in a bathtub, the chief suspect becomes her husband who failed to protect the woman from herself.

* When a woman castrates her husband, her lawyer trots out the always-reliable Battered Woman defense.

* When a wife breaks her vows and cheats on her husband, she evokes sympathy (and wins custody of the kids, just for good measure) by claiming to feel “stifled” in the relationship.

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More PC shit
July 3, 2007

01 May 2006

Jail toilets face away from Mecca

Facilities in a prison are being built so Muslim inmates do not have to face Mecca while sitting on the toilet.

The Home Office said two new toilet blocks are being installed as part of a refurbishment at Brixton jail in south London.

Faith leaders had told prison bosses it was unacceptable for Muslim inmates to face Mecca while using the toilet.

If Britain was a strong patriarchal society it would tell these blithering muslim “faith leaders” to go fuck themselves and the pig they rode in on.

Instead, our government meekly bows down to oblige these silly demands, something only weak feminized societies do.

This is the sort of shit that makes me feel more and more disgusted with Britain. This place is truly fucked. Abandon ship!

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Reading material
June 27, 2007


6 August 2005

Amongst the extensive links at the Everyman website, I found this: The Garbage Generation


It’s a very well written piece by a guy named Dr. Daniel Amneus (left) into the effects of an increasingly matriarchal society as it’s advance naturally erodes the patriarchal model.

It does make the assumption that societies used to be matriarchal, which is normally an unspoken belief of feminists, although naturally Dr. Amneus reaches a slightly different conclusion; namely, feminists think everything turned to shit when the patriarchy took over; Dr Amneus, however, says that the rise of the patriarchy was when everything improved and got all nice ‘n civilized. Men, he argues, only aim to be productive, civilized and protective of women and children when they were rewarded by the love of women and the legitimacy of their own children. In matriarchal societies, where women are promiscuous, owe loyalty to no-one but themselves and where children belong to their mother and her only, men have no motivation or desire to strive for success or to give a fuck about women and children, and so the whole society doesn’t progress and struggles just to survive.


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