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My day

Child charged with molesting teenager

Hire girls or else!

Hey, men don’t want to die either! Amazing!

Oooh, we’re so scared! (yawn)

Unconscious Misandry

Solipsistic or just Terrible?

Marquis De Sade

Boys, ewww!

Spinster Kit

Natural Born Lesbians

Babes In The Woods

Yes, we have no jizz

Reading material

British Broadcasting Cunts

I now pronounce you wife and wife

Marriage = Misery

Unequal equality

Crap Mother of the Month

Vid clip

Crap Mothers of the Month, Runners Up

Work sucks

Feminism: WTF is it?

MP; Moaning Pussies

What a drag

Going down to…

Rubbish statue unveiled in London

Kneel before Zod!

Fack off you slaaag!

Kids need their parents, not someone elses


I see red!

What to watch on a Sunday afternoon


Feminists vs. Scientists

More feminized crap for schoolboys

I’m happy with my cats. Honest!

Quotes and arses

Middle-aged, married and loving it

Steamy Sunday morning tarts

Guilty until proven guilty

Do gooder at languages, boys telled

Women not ladies, say civil service

Ninja Schoolgirls

A quite life in

Resurrecting Romance

Civil Service

Tatt my crack!

Let’s pretend we’re ill



Male = Female?

Bin that baby!

Foxy Browser

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Nagging

I am a sucker, in 500 words or less

Ninja Schoolgirls: Part II

Feminists endanger the economy

Girls mob boys

Ninja Schoolgirls: Part III

Tall fucker

Save the women, not the men

Crime, but no punishment

Crime, but no punishment II

Important news for Lucy and Erik fans!


I get bored on Monday evenings

From the Department of “Well, duuuh!”

Mother blames anyone but herself for her brat’s behaviour


Work damn you!

Illegal aliens

Worked to the grave

Tarting up on the move

Another link

Poor brainwashed suicide bombing bitch

Entitlement Whore

“I do not live in a world of sobriety.”

Conservatives want more women

Another crap mother

Scary story

Pointless personnel managers

I’m such a catch, I have a career!

The marriage strike spreads to other galaxies


Kids but no grandkids

Whining childless woman

Another anti-feminist blog

Ms Heartbeat

0.057 female cops die each year! OMG!!!

Pre-meditated divorce

Sacrifice and contribute? To what?


Rape propaganda

Weedy Swedes

Old mothers


Abused boys

Synthetic Women

Feminists whining about the mess they made

Sympathy for the cunts

Pooh’s new bitch

Even dead feminist bitches are in the festive spirit!

More sympathy for cunts

Land of the falling sun

Equal Opportunities Commission


Exploiting the dead

Equal Opportunities Commission II

Some links

Glamorizing Pedophiles

Boy raped in Domestic Violence shelter

Hate crime against boys protested, shock

Feminism is a hate movement

Richard Ford is back

Go easy on them ladies now

Reality catches up with 30+ career gals

Mum + kid = family

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

Empowered Womyn Plc.

Policeman thrown off force for consensual sex

Oops, running out of taxpayer’s money here!

F4J to hit the big-screen

Let kids abort kids

Women only pools are ’sexist’

Asda weddings

Still going easy on the girls

Council tax to rise for Scots thanks to feminists

Feminists = plummeting birth rate

The coming decade

Male Talk

Sugar and spice and all things knife

Unhappy Women



Daycare to cost taxpayers £5.5bn a year

Pills and thrills

Artificial gossip

Feminists cunt dies

No dad required


From the University of “Well, duh!”


Whining woman

Great Danes

Men Going Away

Rich bitches

Japanese Valentines

Post Valentines

You can’t have it all, so there!


The marriage strike at 30,000 feet

Female pedophiles

A nation of bastards, bachelors and old biddies

Even manginas like cartoons

Fetuses pissed up on booze

The paradox of feminism

Liberal Democrat woman ‘marries’ woman


Temp work; women are the real victims!

Woes of a childless spinster

Why men earn more

Women only Nature Ramble

Women are paid less than men. Yawn!

What gender pay gap?

Cluebatting whining female journos

Abolishing fathers means abolishing civilization

Ungrateful whore

Marquis De Sade II

Cloned women


13-year-old mum

More women realising feminism was shit

That old Get Out Of Jail orifice bought into use again

Government to men: “Stop raping women!”

“Earn more to pay more to your ex-wife, or else!”

Shock! Court rules a man has reproductive rights!

Trashy telly

Women in the workplace

Manginas are confused

Sympathy for murderous woman


Empty cinemas

MSN article

Promise to be good

A 50% female workforce is not equal enough

Women Scientists

Post-natal abortion

Stupid woman


“How dare you fail to kill both my brats!”

X Vs. Y

Refugees from the Matriarchy

Take it easy

Little Miss Chav

Raunch culture and jizzlobbing schoolboys

More misandrist legal changes in ‘rape’ laws

Q and A

Another MSN article

UK government to US soldiers: beware of our sluts!

Professor mangina

Feminism’s widening circle of misery

Kill baby girls to make men less sexist

Amusing trick

Drink up

No cats were hurt in the making of this blog

How dare you be so competitive!

Dusty death

Spicy bitch

Baby-killing woman sentenced


Serial killers and the matriarchy

Dangerous jobs for the boys


Taxpayer pays for tranny’s tattoo removal


Amusing quote/insult


Crappy education

Traveling to work

The waiting game


Tesco’s value Irresponsible Brainless Slag Contraception



Desperate houseskank

More demands for equal pay for less work

Whining woman

Pride & Prejudice – a spinster’s ramblings

Laughing at spinsters and single mums

HR Departments

More PC shit

BT and bastards

Males and women



Denigrating bachelors


Too many bachelors in Spanish town

Dangerous jobs

“We’re victims of feminism too!”


New blog

Pregnant at 11

Feminisms liberal attitude…towards women only

OMG, think of the poor mother!


Lad’s Mags


Bumper stickers

Soon, men may be held responsible if their wives kill themselves

I still love this other guy, but I’ll marry you anyway

The so-called gentler sex

Domestic Violence report

The entitlement syndrome


Big fucking Brother

Falling Down

Phrase of the day

Google Trends

Movie discussion

Single. And proud.

She killed her son “out of love.”



British Law Lords give backing to gold-digging ex-wives


Commenting at the BBC

More proposals to let goldiggers screw men over

That bloke’s a nutter!

The footie is on; try not to beat up your wife, ‘kay?

Fore II

Real life fight clubs.

Let’s pretend we’re dead

Life of luxury, courtesy of an ex-husband

More co-habitation stuff

Relatively light sentence for serial child-murder

Lung cancer amongst women rising

Captain Zarmband

How to fix your husband

Rape made woman “a bit depressed”; accuser dragged through court

Woman steals money from disabled child, escapes prison

Another boy-molesting woman

Man wins sexual discrimination case, shock!


Another study shows daycare is bad for children

Former Labour spin-doctor mocks female footie fans

Dogs for the girls

Family courts running out of cash; secrecy may also end


More older people divorcing

Academic risks feminist onslaught to criticise “feminised” schools

Rape reforms in Scotland; more prosecutions now!

Chainsmoking 12-year-old mum

Are politicians getting worried by men’s rising complaints?

Child Support

Women, their stupid assumptions and the Man Tax

KN revamped

On the buses

Labour wants the houses of the dead

Prudential, Parkinson, and misandry

A new game

Just 16-months in prison for giving a guy HIV

The Sun and Craig Charles

Still too many non-rapists getting away with rape, apparantly

“I was raped! Erm…I think.”

Abandon kids!

Letters to the editor

Woman jailed for killing husband, shock!

Women love beating men; mangina “surprised”

Catfight at 30,000 feet

Stop hitting mummy, you nasty men!

Feminist Mags for Lads

Single-mothers blamed – by mothers! – for decline in morals


Continentals not impressed with Britskanks

Gold-digger starts digging some more

Personal ads

Article in The Times

Billie Piper promises not to take husband to cleaners

Mathew’s Forum

Boozing girls

Guy blows up house lost in divorce court

Us men didn’t agree to feminism

Double standard #24,991

Crap mother

Manly men

British politicians to fathers; you are irrelevant

Dead baby found, mother sought

Beer bellies

You have the right to remain single

Girl beats girl

Look at our new pet…I mean, son.

CSA in the bin; soon to be new improved

Desperate skank in the personals

I want to be a single mum when I grow up!

Tounge-in-cheek advice for ladettes


Feminism is such crap, shock exclusive


Cancer treatment in the UK

Feminism is a lunatic fringe, gone mainstream

Amusing comments from retards

Wobbly De Beauvoir Bridge

Extorting, threatening and imprisoning men for fun and profit

We want your unwanted babies!

Chainsmoking 12-year-old mum arrested on drunken binge

Harry; not pottering, just angry

Another guy put through the divorce court mangle

Doctor doctor, I’m a great mum, really!

Women? Forced to do something? Since when?

Prolific F4J protestor

Labour confirm their hatred of two-parent families (again)

Civil Service horrors

Modern wedding cake

Are you the Perfect Man (TM) for this slag?


Women; victims once again

More sympathy for crap mothers

Mother urged daughter to make false rape claim

Limey-Yank, Yank-Limey Dictionary


Damn those slacker boys!

More strong and empowered fictional women

Bachelors wasting energy

Abandon Britain!

Stop locking up women!

Divorce court robs businessman of £48,000,000

Abandon Britain II

Feminist single mum rattles the cage

“She deserved more!”

Modern women lazy, greedy

Are you good enough?

The terrible suffering of pampered brides

Chick Flick

Whinge while you work

Mills locked out

Article by Carey Roberts

The No-Shit-Sherlock lab’s latest study


Occupational suggestions

Limey-Yank, Yank-Limey Dictionary: update

Way. Own. Gone.

Feminism, Anti-War protesters and Islam

British taxpayers supporting foreign children

No sex please, we’re married

Fucking BBC

Mind your manners, men

Violence study

Ho ho ho

Abandon Britain III

Adultery and self-pity

The Wisdom of Pook

Conservatives, Labour; what’s the difference?

Rewarding cheating harlots

The wisdom of Einstein


Men blamed for women not liking football

Onion article

Apparantly it’s “blood-boilingly misogynistic” to not want to marry career women

More subsidies for strong independent working womyn

Rewarding single mothers encourages single mothers? You don’t say!

Woof, bang

Polly’s pole

I guess Japan is ruled out as a place to escape the Matriarchy


Women interested primarily in money, gasp shock etc

“I want big tits so I can land a rich drug dealer!”


Car adverts

Greer sneers at the recently deceased

Husband-killer given life in Thailand

Japan’s population dropping

Update on sneering Greer

Crap TV

Bars and shops

The Simpsons

Free condoms for 12-year-olds, relationship advice to 5-year-olds

Another update on Slag Spice

Men more altruistic in war

More privilege for oppressed women

Link Ph.D

Serial rape-accuser

No I haven’t got a wife/girlfriend, so what?!

Pod-porridge reserves are running low!

Men are (a) useless or (b) useless

Eleven-years of prison for divorced man

Generation Pissed-Off

Recruit women! Cash prizes to be won!

Is Sweden’s Matriarchy in danger?

Iran invaded…by fembots!


Slut feminism on camera

Fermale teacher argued squeezing schoolboy’s nuts was “reasonable chastisement”

Women want too much

Zero Volts

Marry or die!!!111

Oz blokes ruined by feminists, says politician

Learn about computers, be empowered!

The BBC’s hatred for men

Gangsta’s are bastards

Co-habitation rights

A mangina and double-standards in Physical Education

The 6:45 from London to Manginaville


Lord Feverstone


Article about Bridget Jones

IWF heading off to Iraq

Discrimination for the discriminating

How women can have it all, at business’s expense


“Give us more money for chips ‘n cigs…I mean, erm, healthy food!”

Smoking teens

“We have to WORK for a living? Grrrr!”

Female gamerz must be acknowledged!!

Hollywood has-been charged with refusing her ex-husband’s visitation rights

Back to basics: divorce ruins men

Goddesses for real

Feminist gets very cross at something that doesn’t effect her in anyway

Hugs for child-killers

Disabled boy tortured by girls for looking at them



The Glass Ceiling exists! 15 women say so.


Talking ATM Machine

Stretching the definition of “sacrifice”

Feminist blithers on about love or something

More pics

Hitchens on politics


Men Against Violence (only if it’s against women though)

“I like the colour of that one, I’ll take it.”

Sure, whatever

Don’t co-habit

Thoughts on co-habitation…and it’s impending demise

Seconds out…

“McCartney was violent” claims ex-porn star and shoplifter

Naming a lying skank

A single night for singles, cunningly named Singles Night


Policewomen get bonuses for work they don’t actually do

Another woman freed despite admitting child murder

Dodging the gold-diggers

Cohabiting couples need their own law

Hand over more money, citizens of Airstrip One!


Something lighthearted

MGTOW Chat Network link

It’s not that I’m lazy; I just don’t care

Fembots invade India

Shoes are empowering


Tramp Stampski

More tedious piss-poor nonsense from


The term “politically correct” is politically incorrect now

Totally stoopid

Unwise delaying tactics

Little bastards!

Wrap up well

Woman actually held liable for bad-boy lover’s actions

No drugs for you men

Incredible; another woman held accountable

Arrested for stopping a female criminal


Some of the “incalculable good” feminism has done

What are the odds of feminism falling at the last hurdle?


Anti-feminist link No. 5,455,232

I’m a man, honest!

Clubs for fembots

Have a cigarette, or save baby? Hmmm. Decisions decisions…

Women can legally lie about paternity

From the comments

From the comments II

Being a crap mother and a drunk = more empowerment!

From the Comments III

Another woman caught lying about rape

How dare you retire after providing for me for decades?!

Just when you thought it was safe to move to Japan…

Work you dogs! Until you’re almost 70.

Support a husband? Nooooo!

“Criticising feminism? You obviously have a small penis.”

Alcohol’s not a drug, it’s a drink!

What we think about them

Selfish cunt

Female bosses behaving badly

Possible retirement

Trying to skankify a new generation

From the Comments IV; Revenge of the Nice Guy

Khan I kick it?

Early retirement

Such sincerity! How could you not believe her!

Super Nanny State

My place or yours?


Women; the eternal victims!

A verbal bitch-slapping for a whiney bitch

The world of technology is deprived of women’s leet skillz

You like!

Sexual harassment in the classroom!

The cunt-pass saves another woman from proper justice

Single mothers better off

Male pill news

Microwaved baby

Father’s Rights

“How dare useless men earn less than us!”

Do as I say, not as I do


A merry sing-a-long

“Me and my partner’s six-month anniversary”

Restaurant whores


Taxes, taxes and more taxes

“Damn, not enough men are being imprisoned!”

Vice-Prez’s Lezzer Daughter Preggerz

STFU heckler!

Brutal binge drinking bitches

Us poor men, destroyed by feminism apparantly.


“Name and shame” those who don’t/can’t pay for women’s bastards

Satirical Public Information Film from Harry Enfield

Rise of the single mothers, fall of decent society

Father’s not necessary IVF ruling moves a step closer

Mills gets death threats

Women’s Studies and assorted crappy degrees

Don’t criminalise criminal women!

Another huge bill caused by feminism’s devastation of the family

“Low paid? Then you’re not interesting.”

Male adaptability = male rejection of the Matriarchy

Female fire chief demoted for discrimination

Hate male

Merry Christmas

“Stop teh backlash!”

Women prefer pussy to men, apparantly.

Private workers fund civil-servant’s pensions

Not afraid to shoot strangers

Housework link to reducing risk of breast-cancer


The great protector of women, nay more

Work/life balance

Masochistic ravings of a commie rug-muncher

An extra five-minutes of sex for just an extra £500 or so

Mechnical skills

Public sector twats

Predictions for luuurve in 2007

Women2Win want Money4Women

Michael Jordan could lose up to 90% of wealth in divorce

Abandon the Mangina Ship!

Hang the DJ

Baby blues

Two new links

A thumping night out

Another link

Marital toxicity

MSN “relationship” advice

Women working longer and loving it. Apparantly.

Dead man’s consent not necessary for sperm donation

Paternity fraudster and adulterer has no remorse

Zsa Zsa winks

“It’s all about her!”

Empowered women and their empowering debt


Independent and Irresponsible

Fame for F. M. Watkins

Bloody diamonds

Old single-mother-by-choice seeks a maaayn!

Woman jailed for crime, shock!

Outcast casts out the skank-devils

All men are rapists!!!

Murderous hag

Get back to Uni you dumb men!

Boris on fembots

More articles

More leniancy for female child killers

Rocking in Rio


Single and smiling

New blog

Mine blast

Bottom bashing


A trio of articles

Another insurance-motivated murder

Jury duty

Education and the nanny state in the UK

Another female criminal with a “personality disorder.”

Equal Opportunities Commission backtracks a bit


Working girl

Benefit nation

Psycho divorcee imprisoned kids for seven-years

The youth of today

Vagina Worship Day

Freed from prison for being unhappy. And having a vagina.

This country sucks


Pedo granny

Feminism ruins society, men blamed

Women victimised by their failure to save

Sex education; single mother style


Did someone order a marriage strike?

Did someone order a marriage strike? Part II

Father of four? Not really.

Fembots browbeat Wimbledon

“I can’t wait until my husband dies.”

The maternal touch

Yob fondles crotch at David Cameron, mimes shooting him

Divorce and “sacrifices”

Airstrip One’s extortion racket

Women discriminated against, noooo!

Crazed bitches scare WWII veteran to death, escape punishment

Topless teach

McCartney Vs Mills, round one

Toxic Wives II


“It’s time for us women to start complaining!”

Women better at being friends than us men, claims twat

Three yobs chased off by centenarian

Iranian feminists enjoy a spell in prison

Mangina Services Network praises women again

Part-time pilot

Useful link

Thief robbed!

New “Little Miss” character

Women are great, yadda yadda

Feminism is succeeding in parting the sexes

Parents almost officially redundant in UK

King Queer

Blog whores

Another mining disaster

Septic Septuagenarian Skank Spouts Off

Mothers who can’t be arsed to raise their baby can dump it in a hatch

Fifteen people held captive, including – oh no! – a member of the non-expendable sex

Crazy woman

Pregnant women don’t have a good time at work. Aww!

Woman sued for paternity fraud, claims remorse

Thanks to feminism, there are not enough rich men to go round. Boo-fucking-hoo!

T-shirts; a leading cause of rape

Selfish woman wants sympathy for leaving motherhood far too late

Dead men don’t matter

The Marriage Strike Strikes

Hate (fe)mail



Minor blow to gold-digging cunts

Fembots have fucked up our society

Times article

Think of the children!

Who’s shallow now?

Worn out wannabe brides

The Pussy Pass

“My body, my choice to have my baby dismembered alive!”

Drunken bitch’s lies almost ruin man’s life

Parenting school

Thrill killing


The youth of today

Benefit-scrounging, child-abusing, shameless, no-good fucking skank

The spiteful sex

Skanky sis

A quickie

The Onion article

Woman have fucked the BBC up, says Patrick Moore


Hags Mags

Oedipus Schmoedipus

Musical interlude

The spy who came in from the cold…to make the school-run

Feminists angry because mother who abandoned baby is judged and criticised

Men = ATMs

Funny stuff

Pook’s Mill

Internet users

Dad’s not needed, says British government

Women in/out the workplace

Us nasty men aren’t complimenting women enough, it seems

Blogger’s Choice Awards

More man-bashing in The Times – there’s been a lot of it recently

Woman escapes prison for trying sell 13-year-old’s virginity

‘He earned it, but you have half anyway.’

Brief hiatus

Libby Purves article

Rant from a single mother by choice

Nine-years of torturing children = 19-months imprisonment

Old article

The Hunt & Humiliate Broke Men Agency

Lock up your daughters. Even the rich slutty ones.

Female child abusers

The state of what’s left of the nation


The rise of single mothers is no accident

The 7:15 to Waterloo, stopping at Clapham Junction, Battersea and Lying Cunt Central



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